Spicing Up Your Life

JeanPaul Peluffo

From Nice, France..a Chef by profession. Enjoys all cultures and blending flavors is his trademark. From

the south of France, to tiny villages on the Ivory Coast of Africa to America, Jean Paul has always mixed

local fresh foods with a spice native to the region. He has found that peppers manage to be center stage

in most countries. Whether the peppers are hot or sweet they are clearly a favorite around the globe.

He became fascinated with the hot and sweet pepper jam idea and began embellishing on the concept.

Jean Paul plays an important role in creating new flavors alongside Kathleen.

Kathleen Peluffo

As a child she made jams and jellies, preserves, pickled fruit and vegetables and learned to master the

kitchen alongside her mother and grandmother who own a restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA.  As an adult 

she was mentored by a long time family friend who taught her about the various types of peppers. It was

Uncle Berch who introduced her to their versatility in jam making. Her passion became sweet and spicy

jams and her mission became unstoppable. In every jar of jam she incorporates the right amount of flavor and 

spice. Using fresh from the garden ingredients straight to the kettle, the flavors are intense and noticeably fresh. 

Her goal is to have you join her mission and share the jam. On her Pepper Market Jam..Ideas & Suggestion page 

she has listed just a few ways to incorporate jams into your cuisine and encourages you to send in your recipes.